Meet the Realtor: Shannon Rempe

    Shannon Rempe (Formerly Shannon Corson), has been a Realtor since 2005. She was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. She graduated from Elida High School and Apollo Career Center in 1992. She recently married the love of her life, Jeff on July 12, 2019. They reside in Lima with their two sweet dogs, Saylor and Scarlet. Shannon used to work as a real estate agent for Yocum Realty, our former company name. 

    Shannon shared the best thing about her job is the wonderful experiences of having satisfied buyers and sellers. She loves the interaction with buyers and sellers from the beginning to the end of the transaction. She knows buying and/or selling a home can be an emotional time for many people and likes to do what it takes to make things more comfortable for them during the process until closing.

    As for her professional personality, Shannon has been told she is friendly, trustworthy, compassionate and funny, yet very assertive and driven for her clients when needed. She shared how she recognizes some transactions are a breeze while others can be a cyclone. No matter what circumstance takes place, she will help her clients weather the storm. “Everyone has a story and I love to listen to each one because they’re all unique and personal,” said Shannon.

    Shannon said her favorite vacation spot would be anywhere that is warm, preferably near the beach and water. Her favorite season is spring because the flowers are blooming and things are coming to life.

    Shannon has a few other interests as well. She is currently a part-time supervisor at UPS here in Lima and has been since 2005. Certified Medical Assistant, graduating in 2014 with a Degree in Health Sciences, which she maintains, but is not active. Licensed Managing Cosmetology License since 1999, which she also maintains and only does on the side. She has been in the business industry for more than half of her life with a very diverse, mindset having worked with many different types of people and personalities over the years. She loves her community and getting to know people. 

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