Meet the Realtor: Veronica Fox

    Veronica Fox has been a realtor for 27 years, with 15 of those years being at Superior PLUS Realtors. Veronica has lived in Lima her whole life, currently living in the Shawnee area. Veronica loves several things about her job.

    “I love showing buyers a house and they just know it’s the one,” shared Veronica. “I still get excited when their offer is accepted and I get to tell them the good news. Lastly, of course, is handing them the keys at closing and congratulating them on owning their own home.”

    Veronica mentioned first-time home buyers are her favorite. “They don’t know the process and it can be scary for them,” Veronica enthused. “I love making them feel comfortable trusting me to handle all the tough stuff.”

    Veronica describes her personality as a mix of sassy and classy. “I like to make my clients smile, not stress and laugh a bit,” said Veronica. “I get to know their personality and treat them the way that works best for them.”

    Her favorite season is spring. “Nature is coming to life and the weather is starting to get warmer,” shared Veronica. “And of course, business starts to pick up.”

    When asked about her favorite vacation spot, she said it is San Francisco because it is where she met her dad for the first time and has visited there about five times.

    Veronica mentioned how she adopted a special needs child when she first started as a realtor, who is now 25 years old.

    The autobiography Veronica has published.

    “I was single at the time and it was the hardest, but best thing I’ve ever done,” stated Veronica. “I published an autobiography of our story and it is on Amazon, Kindle and at the local Hallmark stores.”

    Veronica is also a caregiver on the side, mostly overnight. She shared how she has been taking care of others most of her life due to many family members or friends being ill. “I went through training to learn how to better care for my son and use that training for care-giving as well,” she shared.




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