Moving tips for National Moving Month

    If you’ve ever moved, you know there are things you will inevitably misplace. Moving has its ups and downs, but it can be an exciting time to be moving into a new place. According to National Day Calendar, May is National Moving Month because the month of May kicks off the rise of home sales in the summer. 

    There are many tips you can find about moving online and from friends, but we wanted to share a few from our realtors themselves. Belinda Glenn shared how something people can forget about is getting their mail forwarded. “You need to contact your local post office and give them your new address to have your mail forwarded to,” said Glenn. You don’t want to miss an important piece of mail from the move!

    Bill Bible acknowledged how confusing it can be to reconfigure an entertainment system and television. “Take a photo of how your Smart TV is hooked up so you know where all the wires go when you hook it back up,” shared Bible.

    Charles “Shot” Arnett noted how important it is to contact your utility companies. “It’s important to call and put your name on the new address you’re moving into,” said Arnett.

    Glenn added how crucial it is to give the utility companies adequate time before moving. “It’s best to contact the companies, especially your television and internet providers, about two weeks prior to the moving date,” stated Glenn.

    Lastly, Veronica Fox shared about labeling boxes. “Mark the boxes for the rooms they will go in,” Fox said. “The movers will be able to put the boxes in the correct room, saving a lot of time.”

    Whether you’re moving for the first time, or the fifth time, we hope these tips could be helpful and you have successful move into your new place! If you’re wanting to move in the near future, be sure to contact our office at 419-222-3040 so we can connect you with one of our realtors.

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