Tim Heinz is the best realtor that we have dealt with, and was only a phone call away whenever we needed him.

Charles “Shot” Arnett understands his customers concerns and offers any advice he can that will be helpful. His quick response to calls is very much appreciated.

Tim has been very professional, helpful, and thorough. I am happy to have dealt with him, and will be glad to recommend him.

Brenda sought out an answer to every question that I had and she was so personable and accessible.


It was a big relief working with Michele. She did all the work, we just told her what we wanted and she only showed us exactly what we were looking for.

Michele definitely made buying a home easy. She was always available to answer questions, and made it all easy to understand.

I highly recommend Shot (Charles “Shot” Arnett) to anyone who is interested in purchasing a home. He is very professional and kind.

Thanks to Michele Witham and Yocum Realty for all the help you provided us and for finding our dream home!

This was our first time buying a home. Tim was honest and had our best interest at heart.

Shot was willing to accommodate our busy schedules, and went over and beyond our expectations to help us find the perfect house for us.

Belinda was wonderful and very helpful in every way.

Whenever we needed anything or just had a simple question, Tim Heinz was there for us.

Michele treats her customers as I am sure she would want to be treated!

Belinda was a wonderful agent. She worked really hard for me.

Pam Vickers was an excellent realtor for us! She was always looking out for what was BEST for us, and not letting us just settle. She sold us a home, not just a house! Forever grateful.

When I decided to sell my house…I was lucky enough to get Pam Vickers as my agent. I don’t know how much knowledge or experience an agent needs, but Pam was great!

Belinda is a great gal and knows her real estate business!

We appreciated Michele keeping us informed on all that was going on with the house and the buyer.

Brenda kept us well informed and made me feel as if we weren’t just working together, we were friends.